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Liquid and air filtration

«Filtramax.ru» company was founded 17th of June 2013 and is a famous Russian filter elements manufacturer for different production processes. «Filtramax.ru» Ltd. is a modern, multidisciplinary and rapidly developing company with an experienced team of highly qualified professionals.
Our own production site, equipped with the newest equipment, allows us to develop filter elements of any difficulty and track the quality of manufactured products at all stages of its creation. Generally, we manufacture filter elements according to schemes or product samples, selecting cloth or fabrics individually in accordance with the requirements of each customer.
We also modernize standard filter elements in accordance with the requested characteristics and the required filtration parameters.
We always have a large assortment of fabrics and nonwovens made in Russia, Europe, India and China. In addition, we are an exclusive representative of «Mortelecque» company in Russia. The French company «Mortelecque», founded in 1830, has vast experience in industrial filtration and it is the largest European filter fabrics manufacturer today.
In addition, our company supplies filtering equipment, both native and imported, as well as various components and spare parts for it, namely: flow and cartridge (candle) filters, filter presses and plates for them, sealing rings, hoses, carcasses for various equipment and more.

All «Filtramax.ru» Ltd. products are certified and meet the requirements of TR TS 010/211 “on machinery and equipment safety”.

Today, «Filtramax.ru» is a trademark, registered in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of Russian Federation on January 11, 2018.

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Director General interview

General Director Zorin Oleg Igorevich told about the past of his company “Filtramax.ru”, about the present achievements and future plans.

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